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European Taiko Conference (ETC2)

2taiko went to the second European Taiko Conference and it was a totally amazing weekend. So many good workshops and discussions, such a variety of powerful and moving taiko performances, such a friendly open atmosphere, such great folk, all night discussions and some legendary drinking games…

Despite being introduced to the joys of ‘Taiko Uno’ on Friday night, we managed to get ourselves on stage on Saturday night to do a wee Fukui-style improvisation, using the ‘Futariuchi’ structure we learned from Kurumaya-sensei in Fukui in 2014 (yes, it’s been that long since we played together!).

2taiko perform at ETC2
2taiko perform at ETC2, 2017 – photo by Georgie White

During the course of the weekend, we made many new taiko friends from all over Europe and saw lots of excellent and inspiring taiko. It was good to see the Fukui influence in Tsuchigumo Daiko’s (Scotland) excellent performance and to see a Fukui-style piece from Issho Daiko (Spain) too. For Yumi, it was also an opportunity to join Wadaiko MAKOTO for an Oedo sukeroku style piece on Friday night.

everyone at ETC2
2nd European Taiko Conference, Exeter, England, 2017

After the conference (which was near Exeter, England), Yumi came to visit Alison in South Wales. We managed to get in a bit of practice together in the house (due to tolerant neighbours) and then went to Aber Taiko’s Monday evening session in Swansea and played them a couple of our pieces and gave a workshop.

All in all it’s been great to become more involved in the European taiko community and of course, great to see each other again! We are planning for the next time. In the meantime, our motto is…